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About Central Oregon Spine & Sports, LLC

Central Oregon Spine & Sports is an exceptional sports medicine and pain management practice that serves the residents of Bend, Oregon, and its surrounding communities. The team includes board-certified doctor Philip Wallace, MD, a leader in the field of regenerative pain management, as well as Christy Barlow, MPAS, PA. The team maintains a special focus on treating patients who are or were once physically active.

The team of providers employs a natural approach to medicine and strives to be conservative in their treatment plans. They aim to get patients off of pain medications and back to a higher quality of life without them, offering a wide range of both traditional and cutting-edge medical services.

They’re particularly known for their work in regenerative medicine, an expanding field of treatment that uses new technology to alleviate musculoskeletal pain by helping the body to naturally rebuild healthy tissue. Some of the regenerative medicine services offered include therapies with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), exosomes, stem cells, and prolotherapy.

The practice also has a surgery center on-site that can perform minimally invasive procedures that don’t require an overnight stay. By offering surgeries outside of a hospital environment, patients can save money and reduce their risk of infection.

Central Oregon Spine & Sports is dedicated to making the health care experience as streamlined and comfortable as possible for its patients. The team maintains a warm and friendly environment so your appointment feels less like a trip to an office and more like a visit with your family.


Central Oregon Spine & Sports, LLC
2115 NE Wyatt Court, Suite 101
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-205-7457
Fax: (541) 323-6288

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